HIV Loan Insurance: Finding an Insurability Solution

Loan insurance for HIV-positive people

Loan insurance for HIV-positive people

A person who has been declared HIV positive can now borrow money from a creditor but must, at the same time, take out HIV insurance. Thus the lender and the borrower are covered in case of any problems.

Take out loan insurance when you are HIV-positive

As an HIV-positive borrower, you may encounter difficulties in realizing your real estate project.

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Insure a mortgage in the event of seropositivity

Insure a mortgage in the event of seropositivity

If you are HIV-positive, your life expectancy is unfortunately reduced. Insurers know this and consider an HIV-positive borrower as a person with “aggravated health risk”. And when you apply for a home loan, your bank may refuse to grant you group insurance because it is a standard collective contract at the average guarantee level. To find a loan insurance to meet your specific hedging needs, you must solicit insurers but it can take a lot of time and personal investment…

Entrust your loan insurance search for HIV-positive borrower to Loan-Loan Insurance-Cheap

Entrust your loan insurance search for HIV-positive borrower to Loan-Loan Insurance-Cheap

We know precisely what problems you have to face as an HIV-positive borrower: refusal insurance loan borrower seropositive, refusal pret immo risk health seropositive, surcharge overpricing insurance pretender seropositive, exclusion guarantee risk seropositive.

As a result, we have simplified searches and approaches for people with increased health risks so that you can benefit from the lowest risk mortgage loan insurance policy on the market that best meets your individual hedging needs.

Seropositive loan insurance documents

To be able to subscribe a seropositive loan insurance, the person affected by this harm must inquire with several companies, to ensure that they are able to offer them this type of insurance contract.

Often, to be able to subscribe to such a contract, insurers ask the subscriber to provide them with a copy of their medical file, so that they can cover them despite their seropositivity.

Seropositive loan insurance contract

When subscribing to the insurance policy, the subscriber must give all the documents that will be necessary for the insurer to calculate the premium.

Due to the high risk caused by his HIV status, the insurance premium will be calculated taking into account the illness.

Easier access to mortgage through Loan Insurance Loan

It is not because you are an HIV-positive borrower that you have to refuse to give you insurance and a loan. In this way, Loan Insurance will push you to the limits of insurability by putting all the insurers specialized in aggravated health risks in competition with each other and by negotiating the guarantees and the rate of your contract with them. loan insurance for HIV-positive borrower.

Quote Insurance loan borrower HIV positive

Quote Insurance loan borrower HIV positive

Find the best loan insurance proposals for HIV-positive borrowers using the online loan insurance comparator that is available on the site. Then you simply need to make your request for a simultaneous quotation to receive the quotes insurance loan borrower seropositive the cheapest on the market to the guarantees most adapted to your situation.

The AERAS convention

The AERAS (Insurance and Borrowing with an Enhanced Health Risk) convention helps people with aggravated health risks so that they can obtain loan insurance and access the mortgage loan. In case of refusal insurance loan borrower seropositive, AERAS device comes into action to increase your chances of accessing the loan. It consists of 3 levels of examination of your insurance application file by medical specialists to find the solution that suits you.

Learn more about the AERAS convention

Learn more about the AERAS convention

  • Learn more about the Lagarde Law
  • Contact an advisor specialized in aggravated risk borrower
  • Make a comparative assurance assurance garantie

Delegate your insurance loan borrower HIV positive with Loan Insurance-not-expensive

Since September 1, 2010, the Lagarde law offers you the possibility of taking out insurance other than the one presented to you by the lending institution. This is called a “insurance delegation”. By delegating your HIV-positive loan insurance with the loan-insurance broker, you have the guarantee of having access to the loan by benefiting from the best HIV-positive loan insurance contract on the market. Also, your insurance contract is at least equivalent guarantees to that of your bank, you are certain that it will be accepted by your banker.


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