Because of this, you may fail the Baby Payday Loan

As of July 1, the Baby Payday loan is available, which offers many benefits for married couples. However, there are a few very important terms (so-called “small letters”) that everyone needs to know to successfully apply for a bank.

Starting in July 2019, you and your partner can now apply for the Baby Waiting Loan, which almost all commercial banks have included in their product range. If you want to raise money – up to $ 10 million – there are a few conditions that you should check before running to the bank!

These are the basic legal requirements

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One of the most important conditions is that only married couples can apply for the allowance and the wife must be at least 18 and at most 41 years old. None of you may have a criminal record, be on the KHR negative list, or have a public debt with the tax authority. In addition, it is very important that at least one of you has a permanent address in Hungary, and both of you must be Hungarian citizens. It is also important that one of the couple’s members should have their first marriage. Finally, one of you must undertake to raise your child born or adopted after the loan agreement is concluded in your own household, until it reaches the age of majority, or at most until the termination of the contract.

TB will also need a legal relationship

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The government decree contains an additional clause, and without meeting the above requirements, you will certainly not be able to apply for a loan at your bank! Well then: at least one of you must obtain a TB legal certificate from the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), which must state that you have at least 3 years of social security coverage. use. It is important that you do not apply for the document directly from NHIF, but from the district office that is responsible for the health insurance fund in your county of residence. In Budapest, the certificate will be issued by the government offices in District 13, Teve Street 1, and District 11, Budafoki Road 59, so you can get the certificate fastest.


Don’t rush into the bank right away!

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Having obtained all the necessary paper did you no harm if I consulted a Hotelloan, because he can tell which bank loans worth Kenyo Waiting for Baby. Each bank puts different conditions on whom it provides support – of course, they take into account the legal requirements, but can also set specific conditions. Knowing the bank terms, credit experts will help you find the best deal for you. This is especially important if you are thinking not only of Baby Loans, but of taking out a CSOK or other loan. As Dleigh Ferosdoras’s credit experts help you free of charge, it is not worth starting the banking process without consulting. Borrowing can be easy as well.



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